The 17th IEEE International Conference on IC Design and Technology


ICICDT2019 Program

Monday, 17/06/2019



Tutorial Session Room 3 (文津厅)

Chairman: Olivier Weber, STMicroelectronics, France

13:00 - 14:20

Tutorial 1 - Resistive memories for neuromorphic hardware, Dr. Elisa Vianello, CEA-LETI

14:20 - 14:30


14:30 - 15:50

Tutorial 2 - Theory and Application of Visual Structure Learning, Prof. Xi Li, Zhejiang University

15:50 - 16:00


16:00 - 17:20

Tutorial 3 - Spin torque devices (3D spintronics): from data storage to artificial intelligence, Prof. Jeongmin Hong, Huazhong University of Science and Technology




Tuesday, 18/06/2019



Opening and Keynote Session  Room 1 (观园厅)

08:30 - 08:50


Conference Opening

Chairman: Yilong Hao, Peking University, China

08:50 - 09:30

Keynote speech 1 - How to Successfully Overcome Inflection Points by using the Technology Roadmap Methodology, Dr. Paolo A. Gargini (Intel, USA) Chairman International Roadmap for Devices and Systems

Chairman: BY Nguyen, Soitec, United States

09:30 - 10:10

Keynote speech 2 - Innovation of Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Industry Chain in More-than-Moore Era, Dr. Hanming Wu (EtownIP Corporation, China)

Chairman: BY Nguyen, Soitec, United States

10:10 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 11:10

Keynote speech  3 - The  several trend discussions on RF integrated citcuit in 5G base station, Dr. Liming Ge (Huawei, China)

Chairman: Cezhou Zhao, Xi’an Jiaotong-liverpool University, China

11:10 - 11:50

Keynote speech  4 -  Optimizing the Leading Edge of Semiconductor Manufacturing, Dr. Jamie Schaeffer (Global Foundries, USA)

Chairman: Cezhou Zhao, Xi’an Jiaotong-liverpool University, China

12:00 - 13:00

Lunch (168 cafe)


Room 1 (观园厅) Session 1

MEMS and sensors

Chairman: Yufeng Jin, Peking University, China

Room 2 (姑苏厅) Session 2

GaN technology-I

Chairman: Xiao Gong, National University of Singapore, Singapore

13:00 - 14:00

Invited talk - Emerging MEMS Industry in China, from a domestic start-up’s perspective, Hongyuan Yang, MEMSensing

Invited talk - Development of GaN Monolithic Integrated Circuits for Power Electronics Applications, Yung C. Liang, National Univ. of Singapore

Invited talk - Advanced MEMS device and packaging technologies, Qinglin Song, Goertek

Invited talk - GaN technology for 5G application, Yi Pei, Dynax

Oral presentation - High sensitive surface-acoustic-wave optical sensor based on two-dimensional perovskite, Tianyu Jiang et al, Tsinghua Univ.

Oral presentation - Modelling on GaN Power HEMT with Consideration of Subthreshold Swing Using Artificial Intelligence Technology, Yuanzhe Yao et al, Univ. of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Oral presentation - Miniaturized and High Precision Monitoring System for Natural Waters Using a Microflow Analyzer, Lin-Lin Ren  et al, Tsinghua Univ.

Oral presentation - Impact of Etch Depth of D-mode AlGaN/GaN MIS-HEMTs on DC and AC Characteristics of 10 V Input Direct-Coupled FET Logic (DCFL) Inverters, Miao Cui et al, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool Univ.

Oral presentation - A Gas Medium Approach To Sensitivity Improvement Of MEMS-Based Thermal Acoustic Particle Velocity Sensors, Wenhan Chang et al, Peking Univ.

Oral presentation - Effect of High-k Passivation Layer on Electrical Properties of GaN Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor Devices, Yutao Cai et al, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool Univ.

14:00 - 14:30




Room 1 (观园厅) Session 3

SOI and photodetector

Chairman: Elisa Vianello, CEA-LETI, France

Room 2 (姑苏厅) Session 4

3D package

Chairman: Xi Zhang, WinTech Nano-Technology Services Pte Ltd, China

14:30 - 15:45

Invited talk - Novel photodetectors and image sensors based on silicon-on-insulator substrate, Jing Wan, Fudan Univ.

Invited talk - TSV 3D integration technology and its applications, Yufeng Jin, Peking Univ.

Invited talk - Exquisite Ge/Si/O interactions enabled self-organized heterostructures of Ge nanodot/SiO2/SiGe-recess channel for advanced CMOS phototransistors, Li Pei-Wen, National Chiao Tung Univ.

Invited talk - Progress in Reliability of Three-Dimensional Integration, Wenhui Zhu, Central South Univ.

Invited talk - Electro-Thermal analysis of IGBT module from 3D CAD model, Chen Shen, Cogenda

Invited talk - Developing 3D Heterogeneous Structures for Future Chips, Albert Wang, Univ. of California

Oral presentation - 1T1C Ultra low power relative Thermal-Voltage sensor in 28nm UTBB FD-SOI, Ph. Galy et al, STmicroelectronics

Invited talk - Low Temperature SmartCutTM enables High Density 3D SoC Applications, W. Schwarzenbach, B.-Y. Nguyen, G. Besnard, SOITEC

Oral presentation - Threshold voltage tuning of 22 nm FD-SOI devices fabricated  with metal gate last process, Cuiqin Xu et al, Shanghai Huali Integrated Circuit Corporation

Oral presentation - Susceptibility Evaluation of 3D Integrated Static Random Access Memory with Through-Silicon Vias (TSVs) ,  XueBing Cao et al, Harbin Institute of Technology

Oral presentation - Compact MOS Structure & Design for Ion−Ioff Thermal control in 28nm UTBB FD-SOI CMOS technology, R. Lethiecq et al, ST Microelectronics


15:45 - 16:15

Q/A (with Coffee Break)


Room 1 (观园厅) Session 5

Digital IC

Chairman: Yi Pei, Dynax Semiconductor Inc., China

Room 2 (姑苏厅) Session 6


Chairman: Chun Zhao, Xi’an Jiaotong-liverpool University, China

16:15 - 17:30

Invited talk - Voltage step stress: a technique for reducing test time for device ageing, Jianfu Zhang, Liverpool John Moores Univ.

Invited talk - A Novel Three-Dimensional Submicron ZnO Inverter Technology with Refined Contact Design, Horng-Chih Lin, National Chiao Tung Univ.

Oral presentation - On-Chip Process Variation Sensor Based on Sub-Threshold  Leakage Current with Weak Bias Voltages, Shengkai Lyu et al, Zhejiang Univ.

Invited talk - Effects of moisture absorption on the reliability behaviors of InGaZnO thin film transistors, Xiaodong Huang, Southeast Univ.

Oral presentation - 10Gbps Length adaptive on-chip RF serial link for Network on Chips and Multi-processor chips applications, TMIMI Mohammed et al, Univ Grenoble Alpes , RFIC Lab

Invited talk - Advanced diffusion barriers for Cu and Co interconnect, Xinping Qu, Fudan Univ.

Oral presentation - A 500-Mbps Digital Isolator Circuits using Counter-Pulse Immune Receiver Scheme for Power Electronics, Tsukasa Kagaya et al, The Univesity of Tokyo

Oral presentation - Degradation in P-type Poly-Si Thin-Film Transistors under Pulse Bias Stresses, Yining Yu et al, Soochow Univ.

Oral presentation - Standard Cell Optimization for Ultra-Low-Voltage Digital Circuits, Yuting Chen  et al, Peking Univ. Shenzhen Graduate School

Oral presentation - Solution Processed LiSnO Thin-film Transistors with Peroxide- Aluminum Oxide Dielectric, T S Zhao et al, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool Univ.

Oral presentation - Low Power Karnaugh Map Approximate Adder for Error Compensation in Loop Accumulations, Chunmei Yang et al, Peking Univ. Shenzhen Graduate School

Oral presentation - Plasma-Enhanced Combustion-Processed Al2O3 Gate Oxide for In2O3 Thin Film Transistors, Q H Liu et al, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool Univ.

17:30 - 18:00








Wednesday, 19/06/2019



Room 1 (观园厅) Session 7

AI and Algorithm

Chairman: Chenjian Wu, Soochow University, China

Room 2 (姑苏厅) Session 8

RRAM and Synapse

Chairman: Horng-Chih Lin, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan, China

08:30 - 09:35

Invited talk - Research and Application of 3D Sensing Intelligent Chip Technology, Xuguang Wang, SINANO,CAS

Invited talk - Impact of Al+ implantation on the Switching Characteristics of Al2O3/La2O3/Al2O3 multilayer RRAM devices, Hongxia Liu, Xidian Univ.

Invited talk - Challenges and Opportunities, Semiconductor industry at the age AI and IoT, Di Wu, FJ Dynamics

Invited talk - Photonic synapse for neuromorphic computing, Suting Han, Shenzhen Univ.

Invited talk - Chiplet and Tier 1 IC Supplier to enable AIoT Era, Jingyang Zhang, MooreElite

Invited talk - Interface and Doping Engineering of HfO2 Based Multi-Level RRAM: Towards Synaptic Simulation for Neuromorphic Computation, Gang Niu, Xi'an Jiaotong Univ.

Oral presentation - A fast load-shedding algorithm for power system based on artificial neural network, Youming Wang et al, Shandong Univ.

Oral presentation - Characteristics of Ni/AlOx/Pt RRAM devices with various dielectric fabrication temperatures, Z J Shen et al, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool Univ.

Oral presentation - CNN-based Approach for Estimating Degradation of Power Devices by Gate Waveform Monitoring, Koutaro Miyazaki et al, The Univ. of Tokyo

Oral presentation - Design of Artificial Spiking Neuron with SiO2 Memristive Synapse to Demonstrate Neuron-Level Spike Timing Dependent Plasticity, Jessie Xuhua Niu et al, National Univ. of Singapore

09:35 - 10:20

Q/A (with Coffee Break)


Room 1 (观园厅) Session 9


Chairman: Zhenghao Lu, Soochow University, China

Room 2 (姑苏厅) Session 10


Chairman: Jing Wan, Fudan University, China

10:20 - 11:30

Invited talk - Digital RFIC Design in Advanced CMOS, Hongtao Xu, Fudan Univ.

Invited talk - Radiation effects of floating-gate (FG) and charge-trapping (CT) Flash memory technologies, Jinshun Bi, Institute of Microelectronics, CAS

Invited talk - Active Rectifiers in Wireless Power Transmission Systems, Li Geng, Xi'an Jiaotong Univ.

Oral presentation - A 12T Low-Power Standard-Cell Based SRAM Circuit for Ultra-Low-Voltage Operations, Jiacong Sun et al, Peking Univ. Shenzhen Graduate School

Oral presentation - A PVT Validation Phase-Lock Loop with Multi-Band VCO Applied in Closed-Loop FOGs, Tsung-Yi Tsai et al, National Sun Yat-Sen Univ.

Oral presentation - Ultra Low Power Single-ended 6T SRAM Using 40 nm CMOS Technology, Chua-Chin Wang et al, National Sun Yat-Sen Univ.

Oral presentation - Design of 140GHz Narrow Band-pass Planar Filters Based on Open Loop Resonators, Shengqi Shi et al, Tsinghua Univ.

Oral presentation - Performance Evaluation of Static Random Access Memory (SRAM)  based on Negative Capacitance FinFET, Chen Sun et al, National Univ. of Singapore

Oral presentation - Low Frequency Noise in CMOS Switched-gm mixers: A Quasi Analytical Model, Benqing Guo et al, uestc

Oral presentation - Cost-Effective Reliable EEPROM Cell Based on Single-poly Structure, Peiying Song et al, Soochow Univ.

Oral presentation - A CMOS Low-noise Active Mixer with Capacitive Neutralization Technique, Benqing Guo et al, uestc

Oral presentation - Memory System Designed for Multiply-Accumulate (MAC) Engine Based on Stochastic Computing, Xinyue Zhang et al, Institute of Microelectronics and Key Laboratory of Microelectronics Devices and Circuits (MoE)

11:30 - 12:00



12:00 - 13:00

Lunch (168 cafe)


Poster Session (Corridor)

13:00 -14:00

P1 – Design Considerations of Data Converters for Industrial Technology, Hua Fan et al, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.                                    

P2 – A High Speed Low Power Pipelined SAR Analog to Digital Converter, Ko-Chi Kuo,National Sun Yet-sen University Kaohsiung.

P3 – Simulation Analysis of the Noise of a Unity Gain Sampler, Xiao Wang et al, Shenyang Institute of Automation.

P4 – High Phase Accuracy QVCO with Current Reuse and Bulk-Coupled Structure, Yan Zhou et al, Soochow University.

P5 – Effects of Substrate Terminal on the Dynamic Resistance and the Midpoint Potential of High Voltage Cascode GaN HEMTs, JunFeng Wu et al, Gpower Semiconductor Inc.                    

P6 – A 28GHz Injection-Locked Voltage-Controlled Oscillator Pair with Tunable Phase Outputs in 130nm CMOS, Chen-Yi Zhou et al, Zhejiang University.                                   

P7 – Leakage Current Analysis for Epitaxial Silicon Pulse Radiation Detector, Jiale Liu et al, Peking University.

P8 – Fast Locking Technique by Using a Programmable Operational Transconductor for a Phase Lock Loop Design, Ko-Chi Kuo, National Sun Yat-Sen University Kaohsiung.                     

P9 – A Write-Verification Method for Non-Volatile Memory, Yiping Zhang et al, Soochow University.                   

P10 – High Integration Negative Charge Pump with Dual Operation Modes, LI Yajun et al, Nanjing Guobo Electronics Co. Ltd.

P11 – Tile Buffer Design for Linear-U Data Layout in Embedded GPU, Li Jiayun et al, Xi'an University of Posts and Telecommunications.                                                                           

P12 – Experimental Comparison of AlGaN/GaN-on-Si Schottky Barrier Diode With and Without Recessed Anode, Qinglei Bu et al, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University.                  

P13 – Design of GaN-based Voltage Reference Circuit for a Wide-Temperature-Range Operation, Xudong Chen et al, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University.                           

P14 – Design and Evaluation of GaN-based OverTemperature Protection Circuit, Lei Kang et al, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University.                                                                               

P15 – Design and Evaluation of AlGaN/GaN High Electron Mobility Transistor Comparator, Bangbo Sun et al, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University.                 

P16 – A full GaN-Integrated Sawtooth Generator based on Enhancement-mode AlGaN/GaN MIS-HEMT for GaN Power Converters,  Xueteng Li et al, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University.                                                   

P17 – Self-healing Control and Auto-measurement Technique for Smart Distribution Grid, Zai-xin Yang et al, Inner Mongolia Electric Power Research Institute, Hohhot.               

P18 – 50% Breakdown Voltage Enhancement of p-MTJ Utilizing Sub-20ns Writing Pulse, Teng Wang, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications.                                             

P19 – DNFIT Based Curve Fitting And Prediction In Semiconductor Modeling And Simulation, WenFei Hu et al, Tsinghua University.                                         

P20 – The Impact of AlGaN Barrier on Transient VTH Shifts and VTH Hysteresis in Depletion and Enhancement mode AlGaN/GaN MIS-HEMTs, Bohan Lu et al, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University.                                           

P21 – Simulation of Proton Induced Single Event Upsets in Bulk Nano-CMOS SRAMs, Xuebing Cao et al, Harbin Institute of Technology.                                                             

P22 – A Margin Adjustable Amplifier Circuit for RRAM Read Access, Jinchen Liu et al, Soochow University, China          

P23 – A method for real-time measurement of seismic isolation rubber bearing based on Embedded MEMS pressure sensors, Shoule Sun et al, Peking University.

P24 – 0.5~43GHz 1:2 Static Frequency Divider MMIC in InP HBT, Min Zhang et al, Nanjing Guobo Electronics Co., Ltd.

P25 – Design of a Low-Voltage CMOS Mixer with Improved Linearity, J. Gou et al, Research Institute of China Electronic Technology Group Corporation.                                                     

P26 – Short-wavelength Spin Wave excitation utilizing external magnetic field, B. Wei et al, Air Force Engineering University.

P27 – Modeling Simulation and Circuit Implementation of Millimeter Wave Phase-Locked Loop Based on Simulink, He Xiao et al, Shenzhen University.                            

P28 – A Sparse Event-Driven Unsupervised Learning Network with Adaptive Exponential Integrate-and-Fire Model, Zhao Zhao et al, Peking University.                                            

P29 – An Application-Specific Microprocessor for Energy Metering Based on RISC-V, Yajie Wang et al, Zhejiang University.

P30 – Small Area High Speed Configurable FFT Processor, Xiaoyu Zhang et al, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.                                                                             

P31 – A dual-threshold credit-based flow control mechanism for 3D Network-on-Chip, Li Xiangli et al, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.                          

P32 – Soft-Error-Tolerant Ultralow-Leakage 12T SRAM Bitcell Design, Jianwei Jiang et al, Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology, CAS.

P33 – High-Voltage Driver for Fully-Integrated Piezoelectric Inkjet Printhead Module, Zhuoqi Guo et al, Xi’an Jiaotong University


Room 1 (观园厅) Session 11

Analogy IC

Chairman:HongtaoXu, Fudan University, China

Room 2 (姑苏厅) Session 12

GaN Technology-II

Chairman: Jianfu Zhang, Liverpool John Moores University, the United Kingdom

14:00 - 15:00

Invited talk - New Generation High Performance Audio Power Amplifier Design Technology, Xiaodong Cao, IOS,CAS

Invited talk - MOCVD growth and physical properties of GaN-based epilayers and heterostructures on Si substrates, Bo Shen, Peking Univ.

Oral presentation - A Compact Low Voltage CMOS Current Mirror with High Output Resistance, Bai Chunfeng et al, Soochow Univ.

Invited talk - Defect-free epitaxial quantum structure arrays, Changsi Peng, Soochow Univ.

Oral presentation - A Low Frequency OTA Design with Temperature-Insensitive Variable Transconductance Using 180-nm CMOS Technology, Nanang Sulistiyanto et al, National Sun Yat-Sen Univ.

Oral presentation - High-Performance Quasi-Vertical GaN Schottky Barrier Diode on Silicon Substrate with a Low Dislocation Density Drift Layer, Yue Li et al, Peking Univ.

Oral presentation - A Wide Temperature Range 4.6 ppm/°C Piecewise Curvature-Compensated Bandgap Reference With No Amplifiers, Jinghui An et al, Soochow Univ.

Oral presentation - Toward Reliable Extraction of the Properties of Border Traps in Lateral GaN Power MOSFET with a Distributed Network Model, Ruiyuan Yin et al, Peking Univ.

Oral presentation - A Current-Mode CMOS Hall Sensor Microsystem based on Four-Phase Current Spinning Technique, Xingxing Hu et al, Nanjing Univ. of Posts and Telecommunications

Oral presentation - Enhanced Biased Radiation and Illumination Stress Stability of Solution-processed AlOx Dielectrics using Hydrogen Peroxide, Y X Fang et al, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool Univ.

15:00 - 15:45

Q/A (with Coffee Break)


Room 1 (观园厅) Session 13

Invited talk session: Micro Systems for Health Care

Chairman: Dina Triyoso, Tokyo Electron Limited (TEL), USA

Room 2 (姑苏厅) Session 14

Invited talk session: Packaging

Chairman:  Mingxiang Wang, Soochow University, China

15:45 - 16:30

Invited talk - “Minimally Invasive Surgery” in (111) Wafer for MEMS Sensors, Xinxin Li, SIMIT,CAS

Invited talk - Using pressure-free nano silver sintering  for die attach in power electronics, Ellie Fu, Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Limited

Invited talk - Flexible Microsystem for Smart Healthcare, Zhihong Li, Peking Univ.

Invited talk - Comprehensive study of wire bond reliability impacts from wire, molding compound and bond pad contaminations, Xi Zhang, WinTech Nano-Technology Services Pte Ltd

Invited talk - Graphene based Wearable Sensors for Healthcare, Tianling Ren, Tsinghua Univ.

Invited talk - Investigation and industrialization on emerging piezoelectric MEMS, Wei Pang, ROFS MICROSYSTEM/Tianjin Univ.

16:30 - 16:50



16:50 - 17:10

Room 2 (姑苏厅) Closing and Award Session

Chairman: Mingxiang Wang, Soochow University, China